Data Monitor

In 2009, Data Monitor were looking to co-locate 4 offices into 1 central London office location. Data Monitor asked Close Consulting to help them in the workplace consultation with key stakeholders at each of the 4 offices and their respective staff. The challenges presented were the amalgamation of a number of different teams, all with very unique needs and modus operandi. The consultation included interviews with stakeholders, assessments of current workplaces and working practices and company demographic analysis.

The consultancy was not only used for the design of the new space, but also the identification of the new building. Test fits and building assessments were undertaken to ascertain the merits of each building, eventually leading to a choice being made. Once the building was chosen, Close Consulting undertook all the conceptual design and space planning until the project was tendered to building contractors to undertake the works. Throughout the works, Close Consulting maintained a watching brief over the project to ensure the customer needs and desires were met through the built environment.